Notes on Block

Though I’ve expressed the desire to fill my free days starting something new, I can’t seem to bring myself to a place of inspiration. My editors and I were kicking around a concept, but I don’t think the pages I wrote were quite hitting the mark, so I’m stuck in limbo until we find a…… Continue reading Notes on Block

How’s the Book Going: p. 329

Listening to a podcast in which two under-employed actors from Los Angeles narrate the life of Dolly Parton from a saccharine script. Eating a lemon-flavored protein bar that tastes like Pine Sol. Two beverages: one iced coffee, one water, both out. My manuscript is two months late, and my editor finally broke her silence. Something…… Continue reading How’s the Book Going: p. 329

How’s the Book Going: p. 249

This morning I focused on another romance project I’m collaborating on with a friend: a romantic comedy screenplay about two very hurt people who meet each other at (what they believe is) the wrong time in their lives. Fate continues to intervene, however, bringing them together over and over. In the end, they realize it…… Continue reading How’s the Book Going: p. 249

Notes on Leaving

In the middle of the night in March of 2021, someone was banging on my door in a dream. I opened my eyes. I could hear the burglar break the window of my bathroom and make their way into my apartment. I sat up in bed and called out, telling them as gently as I…… Continue reading Notes on Leaving