Notes on Leaving

In the middle of the night in March of 2021, someone was banging on my door in a dream. I opened my eyes. The sounds were real. I could hear the burglar break the window of my bathroom and make their way into my apartment. I sat up in bed and called out, telling them…… Continue reading Notes on Leaving

The Kansas Diaries

One day, I came across a singular, thoughtful voice with a heavy Australian accent, narrating everything she saw as she walked down the street, the sound of evening insects and sprinklers behind her. I was struck by the quiet sincerity of the tone in this portrait of a small town, the complete lack of plot.…… Continue reading The Kansas Diaries

A New Internet

When I longed for my future, I never thought about a fixed name. I couldn’t see myself as mother or writer or wife, more just floating through different atmospheres, a sensory montage of days that begin by waking up in a high-ceilinged, long-windowed room in an old building, ending with the slow carousel of a neighborhood as…… Continue reading A New Internet